CARSCO is a not for-profit, non-government organization that strives to eliminate all forms of violence with a special focus on rape, sexual assault, abuse and violence.

Established in 2020 as a Nigerian based organisation and registered as a non-profit non-government organization in 2021, CARSCO has a functional governance structure that includes board members, a senior management team, staff/volunteers.

CARSCO continues to support and work with victims of rape, sexual and gender-based violence.

CARSCO currently operates in Nigeria, focusing on human right issues such as freedom from rape, sexual and gender-based violence, child/human trafficking, child abuse, sexual reproduction health and rights, maternal and child health.

Informed by the understanding of traumatic experiences and cycles of violence, we endeavor to facilitate this course through the provision of counseling, advocacy and education.

We promote and adopt policies, practices and social values held in fairness, equity and inclusiveness.

CARSCO is an agency borne out of love for humanity and human dignity. CARSCO is working towards a society free of rape, gender based violence, sexual and child offences through educating the public on sexual, maternal and child health matters and general wellbeing. We at CARSCO see a society where there are no perpetrators of sexual violence and abuse; and where each individual is sexually sane.
CARSCO works to prevent and possibly eliminate rape, child offences and sexual vices through awareness, advocacy and prevention works.


Pharm (Mrs) Pollyn Jessica C. is the founder of Chidinma Against Rape Sexual and Child Offences (CARSCO)