Foreign Commonwealth Development Office Of The Government Of United Kingdom Appoints IDI To Provide Capacity Support And Testing Business Models For Last-Mile Connectivity In Nigeria

We are glad to announce that we have been appointed by the Foreign Commonwealth Development Office of the Government of United Kingdom (FCDO) under its Digital Access Programme (DAP) to provide practical capacity support to small scale Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and wider Last-Mile Connectivity Operators (LMCOs) to promote inclusive connectivity to the underserved and unserved communities in Nigeria.

Deliverables under the Project include the conduct of user needs assessment with ISPs and LMCOs so as to have an understanding of gaps and factors that affect their capacity to expand to unserved locations; provide upskilling and upscaling capacity building support and training to existing small-scale ISPs and LMCOs to enhance their resilience and sustainability; consolidate ideas on features of sustainable business models for small-sale ISPs,  publish a  knowledge exchange-based toolkit as well as conduct engagements with regulators and policy makers to highlight and address regulatory concerns on last-mile connectivity.

The principal aim of the Project is to equip ISPs and LMCOs to effectively deliver services in underserved and unserved communities in Nigeria for the attainment of the targets of the National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy, 2019 and the National Broadband Plan 2020-2025.